Thursday, June 28, 2012

May Photos

You guys! I am almost getting caught up to present day with photo uploads!  May photos (totally out of order):

Our neighbor (two doors down) Penny has become Edie's BFF.  The two of them hit it off immediately and cannot get enough of each other.  I just pray it stays mutual because having what is essentially a next door neighbor playmate is awesome.  Plus it brings me a wave of nostalgia like no other because I grew up with the same thing across the street and Kristin and I are STILL close friends.
Cutest tutu swimsuit rumps ever.
Eaing pozole soup post dip in the kiddie pool.  Please note that it was sunny and warm on this one day in May and then pretty much never again. Summer has yet to appear in Seattle.

Watering the flowers in Penny's yard.

And washing the car.
Just decorating Dad's shoe.  I love that Jeff allowed this.
 Edie came home from daycare super proud of her creation: A Silly Crown.  Apparently they all made one and Edie even personally cut out all the accessories to her crown.  Here she is making a silly face to go with her Silly Crown.

Kills me.  Seriously.
Arranging flowers in bud vases.
Coloring with Grandma Fifi.
Ladder climbing is totally safe for toddlers.  And fun!  PS she's wearing her Silly Crown.
We made fancy yogurt parfaits one morning and Edie was SO into sprinkling all the different layers into her glass.  There are more photos from this event, but I have morning face so they are not suitable for public viewing.
Dancing to Yellow Submarine with Grandma.

This is often how we dress for the grocery store these days.
Morning hijinks.

This is that upside down rhubarb cake that I raved about in May.  It's seriously killer.  I made it like 4 times in as many weeks.
Girls night out!  In honor of Amy's engagement we all had a drinks night in Greenwood.  I say it every year, but I'm very lucky to have these ladies in my life.

 The remainder of these photos are from Mother's Day, which was also the day after I returned from a week long business trip.  Edie and I spent the day bonding over raspberry finger hats and outdoor picnics. This was the one other sunny day we've had so far this year in Seattle.  I think the photos of Edie and Penny in swimsuits were taken the day after Mother's Day.

Dinner picnic (with Jeff too) at Volunteer Park.


lindsey. said...

It feels totally strange to be jealous of a two year old's haircut.

sandralbruton said...

Yogurt parfait photo!
And raspberries on her fingertips!