Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Palm Springs Take 2: Girls trip

Remember that time last month when we all left our babies at home and went to Palm Springs for 3 nights? I do.

Four of us flew in together and were then met by Katherine who drove from LA and Darrah who took a later flight.

Taken at the airport before renting our luxury minivan:
We stocked up on necessities such as wine, champagne, cake, Pepperidge Farm cookies, chips, and cocktail makings and headed for our rental house where we proceeded to run around freaking out like the kids on Episode 1 of every Real World season ever made. 
We spent the rest of our time at the house lounging in our muumuus, prancing around in our swimsuits, eating all the cake, drinking cocktails, and heating the entire pool to 100+ degrees for night swimming. We went for a celebratory birthday dinner for Heidi one night (in our muumuus), and took a road trip another night to LA for the local premier of Katherine's latest movie (Janis - Little Girl Blue) where we stopped briefly to visit the Pee Wee dinosaurs and ate dinner with Craig and Adam (Kristin's brother and husband). I'll save a second post for photos of our last day in town as it was a little different from the rest of our trip. And because I'm tired of uploading photos and need a break.

For now, I have tons of photos from our first 2+ days:

Yes, that's a punch bowl in the shape of a giant clamshell. And yes, it was delivered to our table on fire.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Palm Springs - Family trip continued

Behold! More family photos from Palm Springs.

Every morning, bright and early:
Life as a stubborn 6 year old means sometimes scootering for a half mile and then deciding you are done, don't want to talk or look at anyone on the walk and refusing to move until someone picks you up in a car. Oh, and if you try to make a joke about the situation it is NOT FUNNY.
The patio at our house:
Pool time:

Happier scooting times:
Dinner out:
This look sums up how 3 year old cousins feel about 6 year old cousins:

That (slightly blurry) moment they realized their moms had coincidentally packed them matching pajamas:

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Palm Springs Take 1 - Family Trip

What was now over a month ago, we went to Palm Springs with my family. I tried posting about this already but accidentally deleted the post instead of updating it… So here is my lazy attempt to recreate that post with some out of order photos from our trip. I have some more that will follow in another post.
Edie being cute on the plane (and yes, that's a neck tattoo and yes, it's temporary):

Family hike:

Me with my nephew Wesley on my back.
The girls shared a room. Here we are snuggled in for a tv show before dinner one night:

Trying on hats:

Edie reading to Caroline in their room: