Friday, June 1, 2012

January 2012

A photo dump from January of 2012:
While setting up Edie's big girl bed, she got enthusiastic and tucked herself in under the floor rug.
Reading her bedtime story first night in the twin bed.

Big snow day.
"We" built a snow man with neighbor friend Penny.  We = Penny's Dad David.
Edie and new BFF Penny. They were both miserable and whining about the cold while this photo was taken. Girls after my own heart.

Hot cocoa with mini mallows.
This is probably snow day 40 when I started pulling her up to the video store and back in our neighbor's sled.
Girls weekend at the Birch Bay Cottage!  Upon arrival, Buckys were heated and donned, and champagne was poured.

Sorry Amy.
Dinner night one - KJ made lasagna.
Pretty much how we spent the entire weekend - with the giant inflatable bed pushed against the giant sectional to make the entire room into a bed.
KJ making salad to go with the rest of Darrah's birthday dinner on night 2 - roast chicken and butternut risotto.  There was also a really beautiful afternoon in which we took a walk along the beach and took lots of photos, but not with my camera.  Girls - if one of you has shots from the beach walk, can you send for me to post here?
Random father daughter self photo shoot.

Just a diaper on my head.  What?

Last days of soccer lessons.  This is the only time I came, but Jeff reported that much of the class was spent prying Edie off the "blue noodle" seen in the background of the photo. Edie is in yellow.
Through the glass partition.

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