Thursday, December 17, 2015


Here's the last month or two in a nutshell:
1. Trip to Palm Springs with my family
2. Trip to San Diego for work
3. Trip to Orcas for Thanksgiving
4. Trip to Palm Springs with my girlfriends
5. Terrible cold and frantic holiday preparations
6. Mostly recovered and continued holiday preparations
7. Get totally addicted to Friday Night Lights season 1 and become a total slacker

I have SO MANY photos I want to share with you. But it will take some time to upload and organize. I started by posting some photos of my family's trip to Palm Springs but accidentally deleted that post after only having it up for a few days. I am a genius. 

Anyways! Rest assured things are good here. Edie is reading so much it makes me cry with pride. I volunteer with her class every Wednesday and am so proud of her and 6 right this minute is a very awesome age. A month ago I was practically in tears with frustration about how difficult she was making every little thing and then AS ALWAYS, she turned it around and became Miss Sunshine and Light who likes trying new things and doesn't ruin every outing with crying, sulking and whining. Seriously guys, I was starting to think Jeff and I had done everything wrong and were being punished for it. Perhaps one day I will learn to weather the difficult times as well as I do the fun times. But probably not. Let's be honest. 

Right now we are getting ready to host 2 large family gatherings at our new house for the holidays. This Saturday is Cousins' Christmas with the Culver clan. Approximately 30 Culvers will descend on the house for a party and Edie's cousin Sophie and parents will be having a sleepover party with us that night. Then next Wednesday is my family's annual Progressive Dinner - where we will have the Bruton clan + 2 other families and all their adult children and THEIR actual children over for appetizers and drinks before progressing to the next 2 houses for entrees and desserts. Both of these parties have been going on since Jeff and I were little kids and it feels good and right to be in Bellingham and helping to continue those traditions for Edie. 

Before I get all my photos in order, here are a few random photos to tide you over:

Listening to the new Adele album at level 11 on repeat.
Making and decorating (and eating) sugar cookies:
Seattle playdate with Shreya (the love affair continues):
The night Mimi decided she wanted to sleep IN Edie's bed with her: