Thursday, June 28, 2012

April Photo Dump

The remaining miscellaneous photos from April (most are either us in Mexico, which were already posted, or Easter - ditto). Let's start with this masterpiece, shall we? 
Ah, toddler morning hair.
Temporary tattoos are a daily event around here.

Oh Maurice.  He was doing so well back in April, we really had no idea how quickly he'd fail in the end.  I'm just grateful it wasn't a long, slow decline.
I think these three photos of her in a pj shirt and no pants must be from when I was on a business trip?

The last photos here were taken on a particularly sunny Sunday in April when we took a family trip to the Montlake cut to feed the ducks, watch the bridge go up and then to the newest Red Mill for burgers in the sunshine near the Locks.

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