Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birch Bay Weekend

A few weeks ago, we impulsively decided to head north for a weekend at my parents' (newish) cottage at Birch Bay.  We were on our way home from a birthday party late Saturday morning (it was a long weekend) and the weather was oddly summer-ish, so we decided to swing by the house, throw some stuff in a bag and keep driving.  We rarely do such things last minute like that, but we ended up having a great weekend somewhere other than home.

Bocce in the backyard of the cottage the afternoon/evening of our arrival:

Hot dogs on the grill for dinner:

We changed into grubs and walked down to the beach for low tide.  Then our camera died as soon as we decided to wade barefoot into the mud flats at sunset for what could have been the funniest and cutest photos of the weekend. Sigh.

Cake pops and playground the next day:

Sorting her shell collection from the beach visit the previous night:


Dinner (and roasted marshmallows) night #2 - we invited my parents to drive up and join us:

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lindsey. said...

This post showed like a magazine spread for Sunset or something. Cute cabin, colorful chairs, fire pit, and beautiful people dressed up but not really. Y'all are putting me and my yoga pants and sweatshirt to SHAME. (Cabin looks so fun. Love Edie with her hands in her pockets. Happy you have such a nice new place to create more family memories. Viva los Culvers!)