Thursday, June 21, 2012

March 2012 (part 2)

March was a big (huge) month for Legos in this family.  We inherited a beat up box of duplo Legos from a friend in January, but Edie really took to them in March.  Every night she'd ask Jeff to help her make something new and crazy, and every night he'd figure out a way to at least try and create something resembling her request. 
It all started one night when she decided she wanted to make a tower that utilized every single one of her Legos.
And the next morning we recreated it in color blocks.  And added a Lego elephant.
This photo doesn't do it justice, but this castle was AWESOME.  Her Sesame Street friends lived in it for 2 days.
I think this was a "pig"?  I believe we are looking at the tail end but I can't be sure.
Pirate ship.
Robot family.
Quick rest with Minnie before.... drumroll....
???? I have no idea.  A dog maybe?  The drumroll really should have been for the robot family - aren't they cute?
And lastly, a rainbow.  Which was later turned into an entire family of rainbows in all sizes, but uncaptured on film.


lindsey. said...

The Robot Family is supremely awesome. And I love the rainbows. Your family is lego-tastic.

Mary Anne said...

Agreed. Really great Lego work you guys!