Monday, March 9, 2015


Look at these cute faces. I love her early morning sleepy smile. Every Sunday Jeff gives me a quality sleep-in by whisking Edie out of the house, (frequently without changing out of her pjs) and they pursue their year-long search for the best cinnamon roll in the PNW. They drive to a new diner or bakery every Sunday and don't come back until at least 10am. Selfishly, I love this quiet time to do as I please and wake up at my own pace. But I also love seeing the occasional pictures Jeff takes of these outings because CUTES.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

February Happenings

February for me brought a one-day trip to San Francisco (work), a 5 day trip to the east coast (work+brrr), a 4-day vacation to LA (sun+fun) and also the following:

Playdate after school with her BFF:

They had a terrible time:

Making pineapple upside down cake:
She enjoyed placing the cherries just so before we poured the batter on top:

My Christmas present bloomed:
We spent a sunny weekend on orcas:
And made smoked salmon and corn chowder in bread bowls while there:

We went to two birthday parties for two very special one year olds. First up was Addie:
Second up was Henry, but I forgot to take photos because I was too busy stuffing my face with cake at that party I guess…

I went for a walk at our neighborhood park just 2 blocks from our house and snapped this photo:

Hard to believe it's winter. It was actually so bright that you can't tell in the photo that Mt. Rainier was enormous and clear as day.

We celebrated Amy's birthday at The Bottlehouse in Madrona. They gave us free pink sparkling wine for a toast; we accepted.

And then last weekend we went to a mystery party where weird things like this happened:
And this too:
The longer version of that story is that Jeff received an evite from a "Mr. Rourke" (from Fantasy Island) inviting us to "get away from Seattle for a few hours". We couldn't see the other invitees and we didn't know who Mr. Rourke was. After responding "tentative" Jeff received a slightly more aggressive email from Mr. Rourke saying "Bring Jill, get a sitter for Edie Bee, and come to this party." Which at least reassured us that this wasn't going to be a sales meeting for a time share. SO, we got a sitter and took a risk and the party was random and funny and actually really great (Mr. Rourke turned out to be a friend/former co-worker of Jeff's).

And to finish up February and kick off the first of March, I bring you this adorbs photo of Edie and her second cousin Sophie at their great aunt Carolyn's house from last Sunday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mt. Baker

Here are some belated photos from our weekend in late January with Jeff's cousin and his family who live in Vancouver, BC. We rented a house, went sledding, drank cocoa and cocktails and generally had a fantastic time. These photos only show the fun part, which started at about 9pm on Friday. We weren't really into photographing the events of the drive north because Jeff, Edie, and I almost murdered each other during the drive. It was pitch black, raining hard, foggy, and my cell phone lost reception with the directions on it, we couldn't get the gated community to open their gate and let us in, and a particular 5 year old was in level 11 whine-mode. It was almost as if she had no idea of the peril her life was in because for sure Jeff almost pulled over so that we could all drink some poison kool aid and just end it all. Instead we persevered, drank multiple cocktails upon arrival and everything got better.

This is the second time on the trip I almost died (the first being the car ride to the cabin). Instead I just got a face full of snow:

Post-sledding hot cocoa for the kids:
Sidecars for the adults:

The view from the sledding site:

A quick nature stop on our way home: