Friday, June 1, 2012

Christmas - final

Okay, can we just pretend it's totally normal to post Christmas photos in June? Like I said, our computer situation has been a mess lately and getting access to photos is a slow and laborious process right now.  But I'm trying for a bit of catch up here .... so drum roll please.... Christmas Day 2011:
Jeff and I decided on just one gift for Edie this year and purchased a second hand doll house that still has all it's original dolls and furniture.  My parents supplemented with a few specialty "rooms" like the nursery kit and a little garden kit - all wooden little sets of furniture and/or vegetables with planters and a wheelbarrow.  This  thing is still getting play almost daily at our house and I think will for a long time. 
Edie running to all the presents first thing Christmas morning at my parents' house.  Love the bed head.

My brother always makes fresh squeezed OJ for Christmas morning.  Edie was seriously into the process and insisted on helping with every single orange.

Breakfast table shot.
Trying on her new honey bee hive hat from Grandma.
Coloring with Great Uncle Ross that evening.

The start of the Bananagrams addiction that carried on through Mexico last month.
Next day Christmas at Jeff's family's house.  We brought the doll house with us.

A Whinnie the Pooh package from Great Aunt Wendy.  And a new (hand made) hat!

Piglet is STILL a hit - he came to the grocery store with us just last week.

Kathleen and I prep Christmas Dinner - scallops with leeks, bacon and cream.   

Christmas nap (she was successfully transferred to a bed after this shot in case you were worried about Grandma's arms.
Wrapped in a home-made quilt from Aunt Kathleen.  It's for Orcas - and covered in fish!  I can't even try to compete with Kathleen in the crafty aunt department when HER little one arrives this Fall.  

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