Friday, June 1, 2012

Annual Stocking Exchange 2011 (2012)

To continue with my shamefully behind photo updates.  I now bring you... our 2011 annual Stocking Exchange party, which due to toddler illness was postponed until January of 2012.  For some reason I have almost no photos from this year, but I wanted this to have it's own post so I could find it again by title in the future...

Framer.  D - I'll send to you separately.
Heidi, Kristin, Amy
Signature group bathing shot so that they can forever be embarrassed with each other in the future.
Skyping with Katherine since she couldn't be here this year (first time - and hopefully last).
Attempted group shot.  Fail.
Girls group shot with Katherine via satellite.  Mostly successful. (don't tell anyone but I'm deploying a John Bruton secret tactic in this photo and standing on my tip toes)

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