Thursday, June 21, 2012

Valentine's Day (belated)

Per always lately, I feel like a real jerk for posting about things a million months after they already happened.  What can I say?  We bought a new home computer and I pretty much always feel like punching it in the face.  Which is too bad because it houses all our photos. 

But I've ramped up for relationship mending with the Mac Mini - soooo, get ready for some photo binging. Up first are photos from Valentine's week this year.  I literally had ALL of this crap in the house already so instead of buying valentine's, we made them. I cut out hearts and gently taped them to paper and let her paint all over them.  Then we peeled the hearts off to leave relief heart shapes in the paint. I thought myself all Pinterest-y and cool until I dropped Edie off at daycare that day and it was apparent that all the other kids had character brand valentines for each other and then I felt a little like I'd sewn my kid corduroy clam diggers that gather at the bottom with a fancy button.  Oh wait, that was MY MOM doing that in 1982! In her defense I think I may have asked for the clamdiggers and she probably worked really hard on them.  Anyways, I wondered if I was still going to be That Mom in 5 years - the one who doesn't understand what's cool and tries too hard to relive her own childhood through motherhood.  Sigh.

 Jen said that Edie and one other girl at daycare stayed at the table long after everyone else got bored, just sorting and resorting all their valentine's.  They made giant heart pouches and all got to go around depositing them into everyone's pouch.  She LOVED it.

That night I scraped together a last minute Valentine's day dinner: Pink milk and dinner in a heart shaped bowl with all her valentine's cards from family and daycare displayed at the table.  Hair bows, shirt, heart bowl and heart napkins all provided by Great Aunt Wendy!

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lindsey. said...

Judging from the pictures, I'm guessing Edie had ten times more fun with her handmade valentines than the other kids with store bought cards. Good job Jill! Also, I have just become somewhat enchanted with her dinner table and that little light. It gives the whole scene a quaint restaurant vibe that I am loving. I'm off to see if I can scrounge up something to recreate this.