Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Edie dictated all costumes this year. She's never cared one way or the other whether we dress up, but this year she was VERY passionate about the idea and I figured, how many years will she WANT us to be involved. Even Jeff went in and borrowed a cape and let me buy him a "vampire medallion" for his Dracula costume. Edie was his baby bat and made him practice (and me photograph) this scene multiple times:

 In the afternoon we headed to Fairhaven where all the shops give out candy. While this was worth the visit, I'm not going to lie - it was raining and windy and kind of soggy. We agreed it was worth another try next year, but the highlight this time around was seeing a giant Batman.

Family portrait by Kristin Johnson (ps how much does Jeff love being photographed in costume?):

Then we had friends over for dinner before heading out for trick or treating in the neighborhood:
Edie and Senna (Cari's daughter) who was a vampire:
Gratuitous shot of my bride of frankenstein hair/makeup:
We met up with more friends from school out and about, visited a few houses with her cousin Luna and generally had a really fun time. Thankfully the rain held off in the evening. Sorting her stash that night before bed:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall photos

A few photos from our first Fall in the Ham.

We walked all the way downtown one September Saturday and visited the Farmers Market.
On the walk/scoot back we partially took the trail the connects the Boulevard to the market. There are all sorts of secret businesses that open up onto the path. I didn't know most of them were there and it was like entering a Sunset magazine spread. Edie is sitting on the curb on the left of the path:
We had a playdate with my friend Cari and her daughters in Hovander:

We had overnight visitors, which equaled a dog pile of boys and Edie. She made some "no boys allowed" signs and did some serious tattling, but otherwise held her own and had a great time:
Edie "Got Caught" Being a "Lowell Leader" at school:
Edie and I had a girls weekend in Seattle, which equaled playdates with old preschool friends, a birthday party for Shreya, a girls night for me, a quick visit to baby Otis, and a excitable pancake morning at Darrah's (where we stayed the night):

To give full coverage of the "Culver Experience" we must also include this photo of Edie having a total raging fit over… I can't even remember. I DO remember that after I took this photo she screamed at me so loud that it ruptured my ear drum. Oh wait! Maybe this was the fit when I told her she couldn't have dessert after which I questioned every parenting decision I've ever made.
Edie reading a new book to Grandma and Grandpa:
Edie and I worked all week on this 550 piece puzzle:
Luna's 3rd birthday:
Wesley's 1st birthday the next day: