Friday, June 1, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner and Bachelorette Party for Heidi - Feb 2012

These photos might be a bit out of order, but here are some moments during the week leading up to Heidi and Paul's wedding day.

Getting our toes done before the big day.

Heidi and Kait.
Nicole, Heidi and Kait.
Bachelorette party.
Heidi and Nicole P.
Erianna and Darrah.
Katherine, me and Heidi.
Amy, Kristin and Kait.
Kait, Lynette, Heidi, blurry ghosts.
Nicole D. and Katherine.

Almost flattering shot of Erianna and me.
Gelato next door post-dinner.
 Rehearsal for the wedding at Heidi's work.

 Rehearsal dinner.  All the fabric and lighting was red, but it didn't look or feel as much as Satan's Den as these photos imply.  I tried every amateur tactic I could to get these photos to not look so red.
Heidi with her sister.
Manny and me!
Me with the bride to be.

Paul's sister and Mom - family resemblance much?
Amy and Dave - getting married September 15th!!
Keeping it classy with the bunny ears - thanks Dave.

I'm not sure.
Neither is Reid.
Paul with the kids.  Edie is majorly into Paul. 
With flash.

Edie admiring Heidi's bracelet.

This photo makes me want to sing "This is the Night!" from Lady and the Tramp.
Chocolate covered strawberries.

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Anonymous said...

Loved all the photos of Edie and the one of Paul and Heidi titled "flash." Aww young love.