Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes April is not my favorite month

Hi all,

Sorry for my lazy posts of late. Sometimes April is the worst. Work-wise, it's always my busiest month and this year is no exception. I have an annual event that always falls in early May and then add to that this year a new event a week prior and you get this:

I feel scattered and like I'm flopping at work and in the home. We are pretty much always out of groceries, Edie is pretty much always throwing a tantrum about something really stupid like wanting to wear her blue tights when they are dirty, and I'm waking up in the middle of the night fretting about work projects. I find myself wanting to hide in bed and sleep through the next 3 weeks. I've been having vivid dreams about flying over storybook-like landscapes and inner tubing down a river in the dark with my Mom, aunt, cousins, and sister-in-law. When Edie yells my name from her room in the morning, I'm having a hard time popping out of bed like I usually do because I feel like I still have one foot in my dreamland and I'm not sure I'm ready to leave it yet. Real life feels infinitely less magical.

This morning, after getting Edie ready for school and sending her off with Jeff, I had my usual 9am Wednesday appointment with my trainer. I would have rather gone back to bed and fretted about work (not really, but kind of). But I mustered the effort and I'm so glad I did. It's such a cliche, but I felt miles better after going. Taking an hour where I am not in charge of making decisions (good or bad), straining to catch every detail in a meeting, or coping with a melting 4 year old is a GIFT. For an entire hour I wasn't focused on work OR parenting.

And then I went to work and resumed stressing out.

On the bright side, my girls are taking me out for a belated birthday thing on Friday and then Jeff and I have a double date and a babysitter scheduled for Saturday. So there is a light at the end of this week's tunnel. Oh, and the sun is shining! So I guess it can't be all bad. Jeff and I booked a trip to Maui for September and sometimes I just pull my cell phone out and look at the photos of our rental cottage and it makes me feel like everything is going to be okay soon.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Photo Dump

Leftover decorations from a hawaiian themed bridal shower were brought home and immediately put to use:

Clam chowder date with Dad at Ivars:

This is maybe my new favorite photo:

While I was at the bridal shower, Jeff let Edie go crazy with paint:

Edie holding hands and being cute with Reid:

Mags and me at the bridal shower:

Edie did her own hair to attend the play Peter Pan with me and my Mom last weekend. I guess this is our new look:
She's trying super hard to look pissed in this photo. It's pretty much my favorite thing to make her try and laugh when she's acting like a petulant 13 year old. It makes her even more pissed, but it brings me great joy. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

20 and 35

Jeff and I started dating in March of 1994. This month marks 20 years of Jeff and Jill.

We met at a birthday party and he offered me a ride home. It was early March and I immediately had a crush. I told no one, but fabricated a reason to invite him to a gathering with friends the following week. My friend Katherine had the house to herself a lot and lived within walking distance of a freeway overpass where we invented something we called "Truckin'" - which meant we hung out on the narrow pedestrian bridge and chanted "Truck Truck TRUCK TRUCK!!" as every big rig truck would approach. Then we would shoot the shit as we waited for the next truck. As I remember it, the overpass was more like a tunnel made of chicken wire and a cement floor. It had a narrow clearance and it always felt as if the truck would run right into us. The adrenaline rush was our version of underage drinking. 

Sadly, when Katherine and I called Jeff's house to invite him over to "Truck" with us, his mother informed me he was in Seattle with another girl. A popular and pretty girl three years my senior. 

But don't worry - you know this story has a happy ending! Just a week or so later - on Saint Patrick's Day to be precise - he dropped a card off at my house. A card he designed himself, and a card I still have in our basement, yellowing in a trunk buried under a box filled with "Edie's Art Projects: Years 1-2". His card said he was sorry he'd missed my call the previous weekend and asked if I might try calling again. We had our first date three days later and two week later, on March 28th, he took me out for a fancy dinner at Il Fiasco to celebrate my 15th birthday.

We were two middle aged souls pretending to be teenagers. People thought we were weirdos, but here we are, 20 years later and still hacking it. I turned 35 on Friday and Jeff bought me my favorite coconut cream pie from the Dahlia Bakery, then took me out for shrimp and grits at a new place in Fremont. Edie stayed overnight at my parents' house. 

35 seems awfully old. But I feel strong and in charge and like things are hard, but overall good. Jeff and I might drive each other batshit crazy some of the time, but there are also other times when he makes me laugh harder than anyone. At 14, I found this tall, handsome nerd that would turn out to be a hard working, loyal, honest man that geeks out about energy saving lightbulbs and business self-help books, but who also does messy art projects and then takes our 4 year old for father-daughter clam chowder dates while I go to a Sunday afternoon party. 

So here's to turning 35 and having spent 20 of those 35 years with the same man. Crazy, but true.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Photos from our weekend on Orcas earlier this month:

Nature walk collections. Edie turned herself into Tinkerbell with branch wings and lichen poofs on her feet. Then she art directed this Tinkerbell made of our treasures:
Sorting her beach treasures:

Hot chocolate with Jeff in town while I picked up some groceries for dinner:

Diggity Dog:

Edie and cousin Caroline

In a basket.

Ps- Edie is going to have another cousin in the Fall. Caroline is going to be a big sister!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Helicopter Crash

I heard about the helicopter crash on my way into a meeting at The Gates Foundation this morning. Since the crash happened less than a block from the Foundation offices and it was only 45 minutes post-accident when I heard the news, I went to my office instead and dialed in to the meeting. I heard about the crash all day in the news.

Unfortunately, I just learned that the survivor who crawled from his burning car after being hit by the helicopter was a friend and colleague who I worked with for 3 years at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Jeff and I also went to high school with him - he graduated with Jeff. He used to hang out in my office doorway and we'd shoot the breeze about Bellingham… None of this is to make this incident about me at all - I'm just hoping to put some positive energy into the world for his recovery and I hope you'll help me. I feel really sad about it; I know people give lip service to victims all the time, but Richard really is one of the nicest and sweetest guys around. I'm so amazed he was strong enough to get himself out of that car.

So light a candle, say a prayer, or just send some positive thoughts to him, his partner, and his family. I may not be someone who prays, but I definitely believe in the power of love and positive thoughts in the universe.