Thursday, February 11, 2016

Palm Springs - last day

On our last day in Palm Springs, we had to check out of our house and kill time until our evening flight home. We went on a nature walk outside of town and then had an adventure and drove to Pioneer Town, this weird western town about an hour outside of Palm Springs where you can pretend to be cowgirls, pet sheep and generally take random photos in mine carts. You know, the usual stuff.

(missing Katherine who had an injured foot and couldn't do the nature walk)

Then we dropped Katherine at her car so she could do the long drive home to LA, and we headed to the airport to return the minivan and fly home together. 

I've written this post while listening to the "Adele Radio Station" blasting on the Sonos in our house and now I'm feeling all weepy and missing my friends. Clearly time to go eat a cookie!
Maybe next time I'll share some Christmas photos with you, because, you know. Isn't Valentines Day the right time to do that??

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Palm Springs Take 2: Girls trip

Remember that time last month when we all left our babies at home and went to Palm Springs for 3 nights? I do.

Four of us flew in together and were then met by Katherine who drove from LA and Darrah who took a later flight.

Taken at the airport before renting our luxury minivan:
We stocked up on necessities such as wine, champagne, cake, Pepperidge Farm cookies, chips, and cocktail makings and headed for our rental house where we proceeded to run around freaking out like the kids on Episode 1 of every Real World season ever made. 
We spent the rest of our time at the house lounging in our muumuus, prancing around in our swimsuits, eating all the cake, drinking cocktails, and heating the entire pool to 100+ degrees for night swimming. We went for a celebratory birthday dinner for Heidi one night (in our muumuus), and took a road trip another night to LA for the local premier of Katherine's latest movie (Janis - Little Girl Blue) where we stopped briefly to visit the Pee Wee dinosaurs and ate dinner with Craig and Adam (Kristin's brother and husband). I'll save a second post for photos of our last day in town as it was a little different from the rest of our trip. And because I'm tired of uploading photos and need a break.

For now, I have tons of photos from our first 2+ days:

Yes, that's a punch bowl in the shape of a giant clamshell. And yes, it was delivered to our table on fire.