Tuesday, April 26, 2016


We recently wrapped up Spring Break here in Bellingham. We had a low key staycation, spending 2 nights on Orcas, started swim lessons, finished Harry Potter book 1, hosted/attended some epic 5-hour play dates with other working parents who also stayed in town, and tooled around Whatcom and Skagit Counties.
above: Edie and I on a nature walk at the Padilla Bay nature preserve
above: Me reading on the deck at orcas. in April!
above: Edie mid-air while helping clean up debris from the winter storms on orcas

Other happenings:

Edie performed in her first play - Willie Wonka (loosely interpreted for a group of 23 five and six year olds).

Edie got to go to the Tulip Fields in Skagit with her friend Julia's family:

Edie and I have mostly been buying time and counting days until April 28th when we fly to LA for a long weekend at Disneyland. Jeff is mostly working and humoring us with some mild excitement about this trip. Edie is just now tall enough to go on any of the rides so we are excited to take her on Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, and she says she REALLY wants to do Splash Mountain. That kid loves roller coasters so I guess she just might love it. One of my top 5 happiest moments parenting was going on Big Thunder with her last year. She screamed and giggled hysterically the entire ride. Katherine was sitting in front of us and took this picture. I think it was a full 5 minutes after getting off the ride before we all three could stop giggling.

Mother daughter pedicures are scheduled for tomorrow, toes must be on point for California! I'm also VERY pleased to announce that Edie is FINALLY happy to put her face in the water during swimming lessons. Hopefully her enthusiasm sticks around so we can have fun in the hotel pool too. She's finally figured out how cool it can be to have goggles on and see under water. She's not swimming yet, but I'm SO happy that the dramatics about getting water in her face can hopefully, finally come to a close.