Thursday, June 28, 2012

Easter 2012

Playing catch up again!  Photos from Easter this year in which Edie freaked out and loved every second of it.  In which we also celebrated my 33rd birthday. It's not immediately apparent from these photos, but my parents, Jeff's aunt Wendy, his sister and husband and all three of us joined Jeff's parents at their house for Easter lunch so that we could all watch Edie receive her Easter basket and help with the egg hunt.

Dying (and eating) eggs at Grandma Fifi and Grandpa Mustache's house.

Our finished work.
Playing on Jeff's old swing set.
Aunt Wendy made these awesome deviled eggs!
Ham with my Mom's scalloped potatoes.
And Kathleen made this amazing carrot cake.  Those are fondant carrots that tasted like almond!  And pretend bunnies nibbling on them.
Edie woke up, found all of these accessories and put them on herself.  Then she made everyone wear a lei for the rest of Easter.

 The big hunt.

Easter basket goodies.

Uncle Javi does... magic?  I'm not sure, as I don't think I'm the one who took this picture. I just love how enthralled Edie is.
I think this is where Edie said she was making a Christmas Tree using easter grass? 
Edie's favorite toy was Grandma's wind-up chick that pecked at sesame seeds on the kitchen table.
And lastly, my birthday wish.

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Mary Anne said...

What a fun take on deviled eggs! I'll have to try that! And the carrot cake looks awesome!