Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thirty One

My birthday was great. We had at least 30 people and 8 kids to the house for a waffle bar brunch. Per usual, we started out with such great intentions of taking photos to document the affair, but got distracted with Edie, socializing, drinking mimosas and making lots and lots of waffles. It wasn't until the next day that I realized I didn't get a single photo of myself just smiling for the camera. Oh well.

Dave and Matt doing sign language. Thanks for working waffle duty Dave!

Baby party USA.

Jessie holding Danny.

Edie tried so hard to stay awake the entire party but finally dozed off in Todd's arms.

Christy, Jessie and Shmitty.

I die laughing every time I look at this photo. This is Edie with her future Aunt Emily. It's like she knows exactly how degrading it is to wear those ears.

My Dad.

Christy with E.

Waffle making station. FYI that is a giant vat of yeasted waffle batter that I made te night before. It was a new recipe and I thought it was great. I'll post the recipe later if you want to try it. We used every last drop of that giant jar and at the end of the day there was literally one sad little waffle uneaten.

Surprise hit of the waffle station was not the Nutella but the orange butter - just whip a stick of butter in the Kitchen Aid with a table spoon of OJ and some orange zest. SO good.

Waffle topping station.

One of the only pictures of me on my birthday and I look like I'm pissed. But I wasn't! It was great fun and I was so happy to see everyone.


Betsey said...

The ear photo is hilarious. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you a smilebox of photos this eve. Tell me if you want any emailed to you. I hope you post that waffle recipe!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Looks great! Sorry we weren't able to come. :(