Friday, March 5, 2010

Party Planners for Hire

We hosted Darrah's baby shower this weekend and here are the pictures to prove it. Darrah's having a baby boy who's name is yet undecided, so the shower was held in honor of "Baby Boy Blanton Hals". We decided on a blue and brown theme with whales.

Prepping the day before at my house (note Edie chewing on her favorite serving spoon):

Decorating for the shower - we strung clothesline and hung clothes with alphabet cards and whales from TINY CLOTHESPINS (why is everything cuter when it's tiny?):We hung baby pictures of Matt and Darrah interspersed with whales from ribbon. Oh, and that amazing display in the background? That would just be the most awesome blue and brown candy bar ever:We made sparkly whaley favor bags for people to fill with candy for favors:
Blue Jones Soda and Rootbeer (and wine):Baby bundt cakes:
Food table:
The party:
The Grandmas-to-be:
Funniest pre-party photo shoot ever:The girls (plus one tiny boy):


Lindsey said...

WOW! This is incredible. I am speechless. And shamed. I could never pull this off.

Rachel said...

AMAZING job on the shower. So much fun to see pictures of old friends (yourself included). Please tell Darrah congrats from me. I ran into her mom at the pool this past summer right before her wedding and she was so excited.

Edie is adorable and it's fun to see what she is up to especially since she and my daughter are the same age. You are such a great mom! Really enjoying your blog. I love how you write.

Ok, back to *lurking*...

the other Darrah Blanton said...

You women rocked hosting the shower. Everything was just too cute, including the mom-to-be. So sorry we were in CA and missed it!
Great Job!

Erianna said...

oh, wish I coulda been there! xoxo Love you guys! Can't wait to meet BBBH!