Saturday, March 20, 2010

I know I said

That the last Ferber sleep post was The Last, but I guess I lied. Because I feel the need to tell you that Edie has gone to bed two nights running WITHOUT CRYING. I repeat (but in low caps) - no crying. We are stunned. Not only that, but last night she went down without a peep and then slept all night without crying (until 6am this morning when she decided she'd had enough of the whole sleeping peacefully business).

I think we are currently crossing every single finger in the hopes that she doesn't wake up in the night tonight either. Probably too much to ask, but who knows.

On a non-sleep note, Edie has started the most adorable habit this week of babbling with consonants. By this I mean that instead of just making random noises, she now sounds like she's saying something. In particular, she really loves saying Dadadadada. I keep saying, "NO - Mamamama" but she always just looks at me and repeats "Dadadadada". Jeff thinks it's hilarious. I think it's the first of many major burns that Edie plans to send my way in the next 18 years. Karma for the time I yelled, "You don't know ANYTHING about me!!" to my Mom when I was 14.

UPDATE: It is now Sunday morning and Edie slept from 7:50pm until 6:15am without a peep. I will note that at 4:15am I checked on her and she was all smashed up in the corner and on her belly, but I just pulled her out of the corner a bit and twisted her head further to the side for easy breathing and left her. At 6:15 she woke up and couldn't get off her belly. I went in and found her doing push ups trying to get onto her back. I flipped her over, she moaned for about 3 minutes and fell back asleep until 7:00am. AND she woke up super happy. Best sleep weekend ever.


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Kathleen said...

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