Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Memory Lane

I can't remember how long ago (4 years? 3?) I took a weekend trip with The Girls to Eliza Island in the San Juans. About 2 months ago Amy emailed us all asking if we still had the photos from this trip. I didn't reply. But it wasn't because I didn't care! It was because I couldn't find them. But I found them tonight! While looking for something else, I came upon the photos from our weekend on the island. And they made me feel all nostalgic. One day, maybe not this summer, but one day, we'll do it again - possibly even with babies in tow. Can't wait.

this sock= inside joke that's still funny to me today.


Amy Ware said...

Oh, Jill! Looking at the photos made me really nostalgic, too. I can't wait until we have another girls trip (with or without babies). Thanks so much for posting!! Now I just need to figure out how to get those printed. xoxoxox

katherine said...

Love these and they make me want to go to Orcas again really bad!