Monday, March 15, 2010

Ferber sleep update #2

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Things are still going pretty well with this whole sleep training business. I won't pretend it's fun to hear Edie crying in her room and at one point I had the thought that it should really be called Screaming It Out (SIO) instead of Crying It Out, but all in all, I'm still encouraged.

We put Edie down a bit later than normal last night due to daylight savings time. I kissed her goodnight, turned out the light and left the room. The crying began immediately. And escalated. It lasted 5 minutes at which point Jeff went in to check on her (ie enrage her further - "That's nice that you're here to comfort me, so PICK ME THE EFF UP!!!!) but then she only cried for 7 more minutes before falling silent. We didn't even have to do the 10 minute check, let alone the 12 minute one. I waited through about 12 minutes of silence before tip toeing into her room to find her sleeping like Jesus on the cross. Apparently crying for 12 minutes makes babies sleep, not die. She slept soundly until about 3:10am at which point she cried long enough for one check, but not two. Ditto for 5am, then we were up for the day at 6:15am. Not as much total sleep as I'd like, and she tried to take a monster nap at 8:15 to compensate, but still, SO much better than most nights over the last few months.

We haven't been letting her cry for naps yet, too many midday activities this week, including my Mom babysitting most of the day today so that I could work my last day in the office(!) but perhaps next week once she's mastered the nighttime business? We shall see.

The beast needs feeding, signing off...

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Betsey said...

You had me laughing out loud about "Jesus on the cross" and CIO makes "babies sleep not die." So glad to hear it's going so well!