Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sometimes? Does your kid make this face when you try to take away a piece of paper that they are eating?
Mine does. This is a new thing and it bums me out. I really didn't think tantrums started until they got a bit older, but this is classic tantrum behavior. It stops the SECOND we do something entertaining.

Also? Jeff brought a cold home a week or so ago. We thought it was allergies at first, but eventually had to admit that it was a cold. Edie is now congested and yesterday it made its way to me and I now have a terrible sore throat and runny nose. This means we are missing Kristin's birthday dinner tonight so as not to get everyone else I know sick. BUMMER.

Another thing? The weather is lovely and I feel like we can't fully enjoy it. This is truly the most perfect gardening weather and all my pots are just begging to be filled with goodies. But I feel irresponsible spending a bunch of money on flowers and herbs when I just quit my job and am trying to extend my leave as much as possible. I did take Edie to the nursery yesterday afternoon in her Moby wrap, facing out. She loved looking at all the plants and we treated ourselves to a few cheap strawberry plants, but not nearly as many as I would have liked to fill my strawberry pots.

And speaking of tropical fruits - we started Edie on solids this week and she was real luke warm on the whole experience. I thought she would be thrilled to be eating with the adults, but she more or less hated the pureed mango we fed her on Wednesday. An the sweet potatoes today. Which was inordinately disappointing for me.

Lastly? Jeff took a face dive at a concert last night and spent half the night in the ER getting stitches in his chin. Lack of sleep+being too hot+dehydration = Jeff trying to take a nap on the Showbox floor. He essentially blacked out (note: do NOT refer to it as fainting as this is apparently very unmanly). He looks super hot today, sporting stitches and a giant scrape on his cheek. Also, this meant that I was on duty all night with Edie who woke up 7 times. She'd actually shown so much promise Thursday night, waking only twice - so last night was a disappointment on a number of levels... to say the least. Is it wrong that I'm fantasizing about chugging NyQuil and then nursing Edie to sleep tonight? I won't do it! But still... tempting. Very tempting.

I know it's all temporary and that in the grand scheme of things, life isn't so bad. But what can I say? I'm bummed out.


Betsey said...

Wow Jill, you've had a crappy 24 hours, to say the least. That photo is familiar. What is it with paper? Emmi swiped my Target list from my hand mid-shopping trip and tore it to shred in seconds. We were literally trying to read bits of paper to see what we needed. I fear that necklaces may be retired soon. It's a whole new world now that they are over 6 months old.

She'll be enjoying some solids soon. Good luck with it - it really is fun once you get going with it all!

Here's to the next 24 hours getting better.

Tib said...

too bad someone didn't have The Flip as Jeff was taking a nap.... that would have made for a HI-larious Flip Friday post.

Sorry it's all gone up the river minus paddle. hopefully there is smoother sailing ahead.

Lindsey said...

I am trying not to laugh about Jeff's little incident. Sorry Jeff. I don't even know you and I'm laughing at your misfortune.

Sorry about the tantrums, the less than enthusiastic response to solids, and the crappy night of sleep. Hang in there.

Can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Edie's Great Gramma has made photo number 3 her newest screensaver. You can really see the food on Edie's face when it takes up the entire screen!

Baby Slings said...

I loved wearing and holding my babies in those early months (and to those of you who think this is coddling, do you really think that you can spoil a newborn?) but as my husband and I had more kids, sometimes you needed your hands and had a baby that needed soothing.