Friday, March 19, 2010

Ferber sleep update #last

Two nights ago was a bit of a crap shoot. Edie took more like 10 minutes to cry herself to sleep and it bummed me out after only 3 minutes the night before. She also cried a lot in the night. Never long enough to warrant checking in on her, but enough to be upsetting and feel like we'd taken a step back. I also woke up a few times to wonder whether she'd rolled onto her belly again... basically not a very fun night.

But last night Edie slept from 8pm until 5:50am without crying once. I mean, she cried when we put her to bed for 10 minutes, but after that she slept soundly until basically 6am. Definitely back on track and hopeful. I'm realizing that my dream of instant, unwavering results is not going to happen, but we are definitely on the course to better sleep.

Also, today was SO BEAUTIFUL. So sunny and warm. Everyone in the whole world was at Greenlake today when I met up with Lauren and her son Danny as well as Sarah and her daughter Chloe to take a walk. We took a stroller parade around the lake and then hit up Starbucks for a post walk treat (as well as to change and feed babies). While there, a brigade of young toothpick thin girls walked up with fancy pants strollers and kids in tow. They looked about 22 and were wearing Juicy Couture and sporting the latest in (blond) hair and makeup. Clearly nannies. Lauren was curious what they charged and so approached them, "Hi, are you guys nannies?" Response: "Um, no?" (pretend that was said like Alicia Silverstone from Clueless). Lauren's response - "Oh... WOW."

DUDE - those girls were MOMS! I was waiting on the corner for Lauren and she came barreling towards me saying, "HURRY, we have to get out of here!" We laughed all the way to our cars.

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