Saturday, March 20, 2010

Funny or mean?

Edie drops her favorite toys while sitting in her highchair about 345536456 times while we try to eat dinner. She then stares longingly at them from above. Funny or mean that instead of giving them back to her, sometimes we take pictures?

Funny or mean to dress your baby in a weird French fortune teller type outfit made out of napkins?

What if we add a crystal ball?


Tib said...


Kathleen said...

I see....a visit from Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Javi in my future!

Betsey said...

Hilarious! Always a good time dressing the babe up. Maybe the next dress up could involve a twin sort of shot with Edie and Maurice.

Erianna said...

well of course Auntie Napkin would dress her up in napkins! Funny, definitely.