Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh my god, oh my god you guys

Heidi took me to see Legally Blonde the Musical today. Have I mentioned that I'm a total musical theatre dork? Don't judge me please. I can't help it. This was an early birthday present and two thumbs up Heidi.

Heidi and I took a musical theatre dance class a few years ago put on by the 5th Avenue and it was maybe the best exercise ever. We learned legit dance numbers from real musicals and it was hard. But SO FUN. It basically let me relive my young hopes and dreams of being Maria from West Side Story. Or maybe just her bitchy sister. Or even a chorus girl. Ah well... I guess I'll just have to be content with forcing Edie into becoming a Broadway performer so that I can live out my dreams through her. Kidding! Kind of.

Anyways, the post title is from the musical so don't get too excited that I have something "oh my god-worthy" to report. My only news is that crying to sleep begins tonight. Gulp. Wish us luck. Will report back tomorrow.

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