Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daily Note: July 30th 2009

Well, I'm feeling just the tiniest bit guilty about how dramatic I was in my post yesterday. If I'm being totally honest, we did go buy a one-room, window a/c unit last week for the bedroom. BUT! It's actually SO hot right now that it merely brings the room to a tolerable temperature, so while the rest of the house is about 98 degrees, I feel that the bedroom is a mild 80 (despite being set to 67). Regardless, it's better than those without a/c units are getting. But most of those other people aren't already enormously pregnant and struggling with insomnia and hourly trips to pee. Anyways, it got up to 102 here yesterday and will supposedly get to be 99 today. Normally heat makes me real angry, but this was so extreme that it just sort of beat me down. Heat 2, Jill 0. Word is that tomorrow it's supposed to cool down to a breezy 88. God.

Jeff's been documenting my various attempts to stay cool during this horrible heat wave and I keep meaning to get them uploaded, but it is way too hot in the home office to sit at the computer, so you'll have to wait to see pictures of me with my feet in the bathtub filled with ice water, and pictures of me laying cold, wet dish towels on the cat like a cape. Thankfully there has been no documentation of my most successful method - drawing a cool bath and laying in it for hours at a time with my book. After getting out of the cold bath, I particularly like to run into the bedroom and turn on the a/c unit and stand in front of it still wet until I feel chilly.

Tomorrow we're headed up to Bellingham for a baby shower that my Aunt Laura is throwing me for family and family friends up north. I've been looking forward to the party, but am now feeling guilty that she's going to be setting up and cooking for us in this heat. While I'm showered with gifts, Jeff plans to take the car seat (and car) to an expert for an installation and safety inspection. Then we'll visit his sister Kathleen and husband Javi to see their new (undoubtedly toasty) house and I think have dinner with his aunt. THEN - I think we're headed to Orcas for the weekend! I'm very excited about this because I just had my regular OB appointment this morning and was given permission for this one last trip, despite being told earlier that I wasn't allowed to go anywhere after August 1st. But she said that my condition is good and I'm not showing any signs of early labor so this one last trip is permitted. Orcas will be great for the following reasons:
1. It will be our only trip this summer just the two of us.
2. It will hopefully be cooler up there on the water than in Seattle.
3. This will be our last trip without a baby for quite some time.


Lindsey said...

No apologies necessary. You have every right to feel angry and hostile and ultimately defeated by that horrible, hideous, heinous weather. I truly hope it passes soon. And I hope you have the best weekend ever on Orcas!!

Betsey said...

That's right - no apologies. You're pregnant and in the middle of the worst heat wave in history in an area that doesn't typically see heat - so you had no chance to acclimate yourself (I haven't even acclimated after 7 years in NC).

Enjoy your weekend on Orcas! It was so nice for David and I to get away alone together, even if it was for just one day. Knowing it was the last trip like that, just the two of us, made us savor it a bit more.

Tib said...

Hang in there miss. Thanks for the reminder yesterday... doh!

Have fun at the shower, maybe a chat soon so I can hear all about it.

Rock on with your cool island self, and A/C.