Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daily Note: July 16, 2009

How many days in a row can I wear my black, jersey knit skirt to work without being mocked? Answer – 3.

How fat can I let my fingers get and still cram my wedding rings on every day? Answer – no fatter. I officially need to retire the rings and rock the I’m-having-a-child-out-of-wedlock look. Whatevs.

How many peaches and blueberries can I eat per day without making myself sick? Answer – as yet undiscovered. I’ve eaten at least 3 servings of blueberries and 2 peaches per day for the last 2 weeks and the craving shows no sign of letting up soon.

How long before I need a support bar installed in the house to pull myself out of bed? Answer- not much longer.

How many more days til my due date? Answer – 46. This is simultaneously not very many days and a lot of days. 46 days is not very long to wait for a giant life change to take place, nor is it very many days to put off the pain of labor. BUT it is many days to be (increasingly) uncomfortable. It is also many days to stare obsessively in the mirror waiting for stretch marks to make their appearance.


Lindsey said...

Let them mock. If the skirt is comfy, go for it. (Both my formal and casual moo moos came from Old Navy, by the way.) I fear I am losing the battle of my rings too. I do, however, have a ring from my fat days that will fit once my real rings don't. Since I look 12, I really fear the child-out-of-wedlock look. No, not much longer until Edie Bee is here. I find it all completely surreal.

Betsey said...

I recently discovered some unsightly hidden stretch marks UNDER my belly - I was not pleased. No amount of belly butter will help these. However, I've been pleased with the butter for the rest of the belly - only have a few red dots going on. Every time I see one of the baby shows I start to wonder if my belly will suddenly one day appear with 50 million stretch marks.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Whatever, I never notice you wearing the same thing. You (bitch- wink) are one of those cute prego women (and I wasn't! sigh...). Be glad you are craving peaches and blueberries instead of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I craved junk and I was huge AND I still can't wear my wedding ring (1.75 years later)! Anyway, I know it is rough, but I am confident you'll pull through!