Friday, July 24, 2009

Daily Note: July 24, 2009

I think some sort of switch flipped inside me last night and I woke up DONE being pregnant. I started to write this post and had just finished a vivid description of how badly my hips hurt and was moving on to the host of other issues that are currently causing me discomfort. But then I paused for a moment to reread what I’d written and I liked myself a little less after reading it. Suffice it to say, today is not my best day.

Tomorrow is our all day birth class extravaganza. This is good timing because my mind has been pretty focused on the whole birthing process since our hospital tour last weekend. Thinking about labor is still a bit terrifying, but I think it will also help to take my focus off how uncomfortable my pregnancy is these days and will make it easier to shift my thinking to the next step. If I can just keep my eyes on the prize, I can get through this last stretch. My doctor told me at one point that it’s good to be frustrated with pregnancy because she thinks you need a little anger in you to really get through the pushing phase of labor. We shall see.

Non-sequitur, but have you ever seen that show on TLC called “I didn’t know I was pregnant”? I always wondered about those people, but it’s at this stage in my pregnancy that I’m ready to pass judgment on them – they are retarded. How could you NOT KNOW!? The baby is moving around so strongly these days that she literally feels like having an active puppy inside you. And you just didn’t notice? REALLY?

I spent an hour or two in the nursery last night, really getting some things organized for the first time. It felt incredibly productive. The weather has been too hot for motivation lately, but last night was cooler than usual and I was able to vacuum, dust, and unpack all sorts of things. I assembled the Diaper Genie and wipes warmer that I got at my shower (thanks Linda and Christy!), I sorted all the clothes into piles for 0-3 months, 3-6 and so on, dumped all the newborn clothes, sheets and blankets in the wash and made a list of things we still need to buy. I still need to hem the curtains and the crib bedding is hopefully arriving today, but for the first time, things are starting to feel a bit more settled in there. Perhaps we’ll even have a few photos to share after this weekend.


Mary Anne said...

Edie Bee will be so worth this. My cousin is due the week before you and literally just said all the same things. You're doing a very important and wonderful thing. I can't wait to meet her. PS My cousin is much bigger than you are. MUCH. :)

Lindsey said...

Interesting, because I also found myself quite uncomfy and irritable last night. This was, in large part, due to a particularly annoying mosquito that kept buzzing my head.

Have fun tomorrow! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

And yes, I sure have seen that TLC show and I could not agree with you more. If one is that darn stupid, they really should not be allowed to have a child.

P.S. Thanks for all your comments this week! :)

Betsey said...

You made me laugh out loud - and not a chuckle - it was a hearty laugh. I just saw that show the other night on TLC and had the same thoughts you did. How do they gain no weight but somehow still manage to deliver a 7 pound baby? It's just plain ridiculous.

Last Friday I came home from work and was at the same point you're feeling - done. It was the first time I voiced my frustration with how I was feeling physically to David. Sure there's been little comments here and there, but apparently last Friday I'd about had it with the physical side effects and comments that after about 5 minutes of venting I pulled myself together and we headed to dinner. In the car I wanted to make sure David knew none of it was directed at him. He said he knew that, but in the moment it was the first time he was actually able to hear me say "you did this to me" in the delivery room.