Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daily Note: July 2, 2009

Today marked another successful doctor's appointment, which is always nice. She was actually able to feel the position of the baby from the outside, which was cool. I guess her head has moved down so that she's upside down, which is good. Her legs appear to be on my right side, which is why so much of the movement I feel is on that side. When we see the big glidey movements from the outside, it's likely her switching the side her butt is on because her head is mostly going to stay in the down position from here on out. If it's a big bump, it's her butt, if it's a small lump, it's probably her knees. It's nice to be able to better picture how she's positioned and interpret her movements. Doctor's appointments are getting a little routine these days; wave my "OB e-z pass", proceed to bathroom, pee in cup, place cup in cupboard, follow nurse to the dreaded scale, get weighed measured, ask embarrassing questions about bodily functions aaaaannnd DONE! Two more appts this month and then I shift to once a week in August.

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