Friday, July 10, 2009

Daily Note: July 10, 2009

The closet in the nursery is finished! As promised - before, during and after photos are below. I'm so impressed with Jeff's skills. Aren't you?

Ta Daaaa!!

And now for a peak at the very latest construction project. A tiny army of Culvers came down on Wednesday and Jeff and his Dad spent the entire day ripping a giant hole in one of our walls (while Jeff's Mom slaved away in my yard). So while I was at work, the wall between our kitchen and living room received a major makeover. This has been a dream of mine for years. I love having people over for dinner parties, but then I always end up stuck alone in the kitchen while everyone else hangs out in the living room. This way, when I'm working in the kitchen, I can still be a part of the conversation! Despite how long I'd envisioned this change, I have to say that coming home from work and finding this wall:

Looking like this:

Was a shocker. There is still much work to be done, but already, the house is filled with so much more light. And last night when I wanted to refill my water in the kitchen without missing a moment of The Deadliest Catch (don't ask) in the living room, I could scamper to the kitchen and watch the show from the kitchen while cracking ice and refilling my glass. Next, Jeff is going to make built-in bookshelves all along this living room side so that our massive piles (and piles) of books (finally) have a home. Once the shelves are built, he can trim out this hole to make it look less like 2x4s and more like a window or doorway with fancy support columns. Of course, even further down the road is our plan to gut the kitchen and have a do-over in there, but until then, the view of our mediocre kitchen will just have to do.


Amy Ware said...

Holy crap! I am VERY impressed. The closet is awesome and I can't believe how great the window into the kitchen is. So much light! Can't wait to see it in person.

Betsey said...

This is impressive. I never knew Jeff was so handy - what a beautiful closet. And a window into the kitchen - dreams do come true! Tiny armies are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Whee! Send the army our way! It looks great. Hoping all that Culver handiness rubbed off on me too.

Lindsey said...

Wow! Muy impressive. Bravo Jeff! That closet is straight out of a magazine and I love your new pass through in the kitchen.

Gotta go. I'm off to find my own tiny army.

Tib said...

Fabulouso on the closet and the kitchen. Way to go Jeff on being so productive. That pass through in the kitchen is going to so come in handy when the babe arrives, and you are stuck to the couch feeding, and burping, and someone is in the kitchen making frozen pizza for dinner. ;)