Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily Note: July 17, 2009

Well, yesterday afternoon was my office baby shower, which was filled with cupcakes and other treats. Everyone chipped in and bought us the Ergo baby carrier (like a Bjorn) that we'd registered for. One more expensive purchase that we don't have to make ourselves! After stuffing myself with 2 cupcakes, ice cream and plenty of cheese and crackers, I headed straight to the doctors to be weighed in. Ooops.

Aside from the usual good news of hearing the baby's heartbeat sounding strong, I got the added bonus of being told that the doctor thinks it's highly unlikely I'll have a big baby! Jeff was a chunky monkey at 10 pounds,

but I was a little runtier coming in under 7 pounds,

so I've been curious which way this baby might lean. She seemed pretty sure that I was having a healthy, but smallish baby. She said she'd be able to say more definitively at my next appointment and more accurately in mid August. For now, she was able to tell that the baby had gotten herself into a very unique (read: uncomfortable (for me)) position, where she lays completely diagonal. Her head is still down, but the rest of her is splayed all over the place - which the doctor said wouldn't be possible if she was a giant baby. She also said that the mother's birth weight is the strongest determining factor for guessing the baby's weight. She said the father's birth weight was more accurately represented by the size of the placenta, which I thought was interesting.

I'll be delivering at Swedish hospital on First Hill and we have our facility tour this Sunday night. Since neither of us have been to this hospital before, I think seeing everything will make it much more real.


Katie Ann Brooks said...

Hi baby Jill (and Jeff), you are so cute!

Kristin said...

Baby! Baby! Baby! (picture me chanting to myself)
She's on the way!