Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daily Note: July 22, 2009

The living room/kitchen wall is progressing nicely, due to my live-in carpenter. A few pics of the progress for your viewing pleasure:

I think this last picture was taken on Sunday, so a few things have been done since then. We're mere moments away from spackling nail holes and starting to paint. I think just one or two small pieces of trim need to be installed on the bottom and the columns above finished. The only tricky part will be the cavities on either end, which Jeff is determined to make into either drawers or cabinets. I keep telling him that we could just make them shelves like the center sections and use baskets on them to hide toys in, but he's determined to make this harder for himself - sort of a signature Jeff move. The idea is to put all our books in the 3 center sections, then use the outside sections for closed in storage like toys and throw blankets.

Also for your viewing pleasure is this picture taken of Maurice in his very own rocking chair. This chair was a gift from Darrah at my shower, but Maurice seems to like it for his own.


Amy Ware said...

This post was a little lacking...try harder next time.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Looking good! I am not sure if green is a good color for me, but I am defenitely wearing it right now, soooo jealous of your lovely home!

I put the cards I made you on my blog- check it out :).

Amy Ware said...

Oops - when I posted that rude comment, there was nothing there (i.e. no photos and no text)! Now I look like a jackass!

This is awesome work!

Lindsey said...

I don't know who Amy Ware is but her comments made me laugh out loud. It reminds me of a time that Maggie and I were driving around Bellingham in Izzy, her old, green Isuzu. I think she cut someone off or something and she immediately starting cursing the other driver, calling him a jackass among other things. She then paused and said "no, wait...I'm the jackass." HILARIOUS. Anyway, I digress. Jeff is really incredibly talented. The new kitchen shelves and trim look amazing! Your house has so much charm and character.

Betsey said...

The shelves are looking great! Handy men are so fabulous. My handy man is hard at work in the kitchen as I type this.