Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Note: July 13, 2009

My girlfriends threw me a baby shower this weekend. It was perfect. Amy made the invitations at her letterpress class:

Me all dressed up and ready to go (also giving you a sneak peak into the unfinished nursery):

And for those of you dying for a profile version of week 32:
My giant loot pile (also referred to as the "gift table" by some):
Me partaking in the buffet, which as promised by the invite, consisted of a "tiny feast": mini BLTs on mini croissants, little egg salad sandwiches, baby quiches, little cups of tomato soup with teeny grilled cheese sandwiches, miniature fruit skewers, and small cups of pasta salad.

The favors (jars of honey and scones) interspersed with baby pictures of Jeff and me:

And yes, that's an adorable custom label on the the honey that says "Edie Bee Honey - made from the sweetest stuff on earth". For serious. Also for serious is Kristin, serving this tray of miniature rootbeer floats:
...and my plate of desserts - rootbeer float, mini lemon cupcake and lemon bar:
The party:

And last (but certainly not least), me and my Mom:


Betsey said...

What fabulous favors! And such a great invite - I'm a sucker for letterpress. And a little feast - you're friends throw a great party!

Lindsey said...

Beautiful! What a lovely shower. I love your dress and am happy you had such a fun day.

On a side note, where did you get the rug in Edie Bee's room? I love it. We are still on the hunt for Marina's rug.

Mary Anne said...

I am liking what I am seeing with this nursery! You guys rock!! Congrats on the loot! Looks like the girls did another fabulous job! It's getting close...very exciting!!!