Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daily Note: June 3, 2009

Well, I’ve waddled into my 27th week now and I have my gestational diabetes test tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been told recently by all my physician coworkers that my diet really doesn’t have much to do with passing or failing, so this is actually a huge relief. In fact, one of them failed her test after eating incredibly healthy and the doctors told her that her healthy diet may have been why she failed. They thought her body wasn't accustomed to the sugar so reacted poorly... I guess some people are just unlucky. Let’s hope I’m not one of them.

Here are some shots from this weekend. First up was a brief visit from my parents on Saturday. It was really hot, so we dragged the patio loungers from the patio (you can see the corner of it in the top right of the picture) to a shady spot in the yard and chilled while the cat rubbed himself all over the grass (bottom of the picture).

And here are a few of me and Edie Bee:

My profile is looking more and more ridiculous these days. My ribs are Edie's new playground, particularly at night, but otherwise I'm good. Hot and tired, but good. Also - hot tip for all you ladies that are knocked up - this tank top is currently on sale at Motherhood Maternity for $7 and it comes in a bazillion cute colors. Unlike the tank tops at Old Navy, it does not ride up in the front when you're smuggling a basketball.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tank top tip. Have the round frames gotten new photos yet? Just saw those in the background.