Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Note: June 10, 2009

Last night I went totally ballistic and murdered billions of tiny ants that have infested our kitchen. I came home from work and poor Maurice was crying out for his dinner. I looked to his bowl and there was a trail of ants coming from the back door marching right into his food bowl. His food was more ants than food. I was outraged. I proceeded to spend a full 45 minutes vacuuming them up while yelling things like, "Yeah that's right, how does that feel you greedy little mother fuckers!? That'll teach you to eat my cat's food!" I finished by stuffing the crack under the door with vinegar soaked paper towels, which I read somewhere kills them.
Totally unrelated to my gross ant story is the adorable crib bedding that I just paid for on Etsy. This woman in Ohio is making us a crib skirt in the bottom right floral and then a quilt in a mix of all the fabrics. We figure we can buy cheap, solid colored fitted sheets in any of the colors below since we'll likely be changing those every few days. We also didn't order a bumper, even though they are SO cute, because all our friends warned us that the current safety standards say to buy mesh bumpers that won't suffocate the baby if she rolls into them (like I need that to obsess about). So we registered for light green mesh bumpers that match one of the greens in the fabric.


cranky rae said...


Ms. Griffin said...

Poor Mo, maybe the neighbor cat sent them over since he's been eating all her food.

Anonymous said...

Love it! If Bacon's a girl we're planning on oranges and pinks - such a good combination. Thank goodness for Etsy!