Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Note: June 25, 2009

I welcomed in week 30 on Tuesday. 67 days til my due date. The countdown is on. We took week 29 belly shots this last weekend, but I sort of hate them. Here's the best of the bunch:

I don’t really have any major pregnancy updates. In the last 2 weeks I’ve found myself more tired and am finally experiencing a bit of the mood swings that I was told I’d have in the first trimester but didn’t. Needless to say, Jeff is really enjoying himself. Oh, and I got another cold this week, which is my excuse for not posting earlier. I woke up Monday with a sore throat and have been super snotty and congested ever since. I had a marathon nose-blowing session in the last 24 hours though, and am feeling quite a bit better today.

We had a very productive weekend completing ridiculously gender-specific tasks. I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen making a rhubarb compote (really good on vanilla ice cream!), a huge pan of rice krispie treats (what? I like RKTs okay, layoff!), and topping the weekend off with cornbread (slathered in butter and honey) and jambalaya for dinner on Sunday night.

On Saturday, Jeff drove to the factory in Auburn to pick up our rocking chair to avoid paying delivery fees. There was a minor panic when the rocking chair was dragged into the dining room that it might not fit up the stairs where all our bedrooms are, but thankfully it just barely squeezed through the stairwell doorway. At the moment, the nursery could probably more accurately be described “the mess pile” because, well, it’s a MESS PILE. There are stacks of blankets and towels everywhere (we previously used this room as a big linen closet), a giant air compressor, nail guns, lumber (explanation below), measuring tapes, a crib, huge Huggies boxes filled with hand-me-down baby clothes from friends and coworkers, and now a saran-wrapped rocking chair. I think a trip to Storables for big plastic tubs, followed by intense packing and a trip to the basement is in order.

After the rocking chair pick-up, Jeff got to work on a beautiful built-in closet for the nursery. The closet in Edie’s room is precariously shaped with no structure and over the years has basically become a dumping ground for luggage, blankets, toiletries and the vacuum. That said, we’ve always had a vision for what we wanted the closet to look like. Recently, Jeff found a picture of exactly what we’d been picturing on another blog and was inspired to make it happen:

Before and after photos to come as soon as he’s done!

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Anonymous said...

For a photo shoot you weren't happy with you found a great shot!

I love the shelving inspiration - Edie's going to have a wonderful closet.