Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily Note: June 17, 2009

Sorry guys, I forgot to take a week 28 belly shot and now I’m hanging out over here in week 29 so it’s too late. I guess you’ll just have to make do with the picture from the bridal shower in my earlier post. Perhaps you’ll forgive me when you see these pictures of the cutest cat ever?

No? Hmmm… well, then maybe I can appease you with a few pregnancy related updates?
We pick up our rocking chair this weekend and I’m excited to see some furniture start to fill up the room. I’ve transitioned to seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, which really makes me feel like things are starting to happen. Edie’s kicks have just recently transitioned to being sometimes painful. She’s obviously gathering strength. I’m bored with people asking all concerned how I’m “feeling”, I’m bored with only having 3 outfits that are comfortable, bored with people jovially commenting on how “huge” or “big” I am, bored with work drama when mentally I’m already thinking forward 2 months to my maternity leave, bored with my hips hurting, hmmm what else? Oh yeah, I’m bored with my own complaining. So I guess I’ll stop. At least for a little while.

The daycare facility we visited last week was nice (although I will confess to freaking out a little at the reality of picturing me dropping a baby off for someone else to care for all day) so we paid a deposit and have a guaranteed infant slot for February. This means we have to figure out what to do in January when I supposedly go back to work, but worse case scenario is Daddy Daycare as Jeff works from home nowadays. We’re also exploring the feasibility of a longer maternity leave, me working from home or part time for that month… etc. We’ll see I guess. At least we aren’t languishing on some vague waitlist, hoping for a call.

Since I started this post with an apology, I think I'll round it out with another - sorry this post sucked. Apparently I'm not just bored, I am also BORING.


Ms. Griffin said...

that poor cat, man is he gonna be irriated when your little bundle arrives. although he did stick it out through to the third kid last time right?

and I will stop making fat jokes, gawd I am so rude.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I loathe those comments about size and the constant "how are you feeling" question. If one more person makes a comment about how I must be having twins I'm going to smack them with my belly. I do miss normal conversation, as these days all conversation seems to revolve around my belly.