Friday, June 5, 2009

Daily Note: June 5, 2009

I passed my diabetes test! I had the appointment yesterday afternoon and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d been anticipating. My doctor said they have a better flavor than most offices – lemon lime. It looked and tasted like a super sugary Sprite. I chugged and then we got to hear Edie’s heartbeat (sounded good), I got measured for the first time (right in the middle range) and we talked with the doctor about birth classes while we waited to see how my blood levels would react to the sugar. About 30 minutes after the glucose shake, I started to feel sort of jittery and light headed. By the time they drew my blood (one hour after the drink), I was sliding into a brutal sugar crash. Jeff drove me home and I slept for an hour in the roasty heat (if it hadn’t been a bazillion degrees I could have slept a lot longer). They called during lunch today with the results that I’d passed. I celebrated with a fat (and free!) lunch at Wild Ginger with some of my old work peeps. Then I had some coconut cake from the bakery downstairs from my office and felt thankful that it would not be my last piece.

I mentioned to the doctor that I’ve been having some light headedness when I’m not doing anything active (ie “the Shelby incident” on the plane last month) and I guess they must have checked some other things in my blood as a result because the nurse today said that my hemotocrit levels were low. I guess this means that I’m borderline anemic and should increase my iron levels which will hopefully mean no more dizzy spells (I had another brutal one this morning). I was actually relieved to get an answer, because prior to that, people just kept telling me I was dehydrated, but I knew this couldn’t really be the case because I am practically Aquaman I’m drinking so much water these days.

Edie’s taken to getting hiccups about once or twice a day, which is cute for a minute and then kind of annoying. This is why I think they’re hiccups: they’re more subtle than her regular movements, all specific to one area, almost rhythmic in their frequency, and all of the same intensity. They last 5 minutes or so, then go away. Did I also tell you about the time last week when I was standing at the top of our stairs when Jeff came up to greet me. He stood a step or two below me and laid his head on my belly as if to listen. Literally the second his face touched my stomach, Edie punched him right in the ear. Hard. It was kind of hilarious.

Jeff and I are doing a major purge tonight now that the weather has cooled down (THANK GOD). I told myself this winter when we were snowed in for days and days that I wouldn’t complain when it got super hot this summer, but I kind of forgot that I’d be pregnant. I am really not cut out for 92 degrees and no air conditioning. After cleaning out the guest room to make space for the baby last week, we amassed quite a collection of CRAP in our dining room that needs to be taken to Goodwill.

Then tomorrow we’re meeting friends for lunch and heading to a matinee at the Seattle Int’l Film Festival that was written and directed by my childhood friend Craig Johnson. Afterwards, we’ve got some friends coming over to try and make paella in our backyard on the BBQ. I was given a big paella pan by my father in law for Christmas and I can’t wait to break it in. Even if it goes terribly wrong, it will be fun to try.

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Kristin said...

Congratulations on passing your test! I hope you enjoy True fact I think you are watching it right now as I type this.