Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daily Note: June 9, 2009

I really had a great weekend. Friday’s cleaning and hauling trip may have been boring, but having a clean house is sooo nice. On Saturday we met up with friends for lunch and then headed to the SIFF movie that my friend directed. It was amazing to see all the work that was put into the movie, fun to see Craig for his “big moment” and we all enjoyed the film. Then we hustled home for our big paella experiment with our friends Jake and Jean (only people whose names start with J were allowed at this gathering).

Photos of our adventure:

Jake cooking the chorizo above, then the chicken below.
The "sofrito" (onions, garlic, parsley and crushed tomatoes):

And the finished product. Ta daaaaaa!

The next morning I woke up, showered and was checking my email when I heard Jeff get up and shuffle downstairs. A little while later he shouted up to me, “Do we have any powdered sugar?” to which I replied, “Yes, in the bottom left cupboard!” A few minutes later the exchange registered – is Jeff COOKING? A few minutes later it started to smell delicious and I wandered down to the kitchen to find Jeff whipping up some Swedish pancakes in our fancy crepe pan.

This is unheard of. Jeff does not DO mornings, let alone make fancy breakfasts for no reason. Aside from his famous egg mcmuffin sandwiches that he sometimes makes at noon after waking up at 11:30, the only time I remember him making me breakfast was the day he proposed. Needless to say I was pumped.

So we pigged out on Swedish pancakes with berries and powdered sugar and then took my “week 27 picture”.

I’ll blame some of my girth on those pancakes. Or actually, maybe I’d rather blame it on Edie. Or maybe I’ll just blame it on the rain, Millie Vanilli style.

I kicked off week 28 today and I'm starting to feel the first inklings of impatience. What will she look like? Will she have hair? Will she be fat or little? Will her cheeks droop down to her shoulders like Jeff's did as a baby or will she be little with monkey ears like me?

This has been a very productive week for us - We bought our rocking chair this weekend and get to pick it up on the 20th. We picked out crib bedding, which probably won't arrive for a while, but it's worth it. I'm waiting for a few more things to come together in the nursery before we do a photo shoot; maybe next month. Right now, it's a bit chaotic in there. We also signed up for birth class and a hospital tour, both of which will be next month. We opted for the one day, 8 hour birth class - our doctor is either a hater like we are, or was able to accurately read us and explained that there are always at least 2 dummies in each birth class that ask really annoying, stupid questions and drive everyone bananas and that we'd probably be better off getting it all done in one day. We're honing in on a potential daycare place and are touring it this week. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't suck because I really want this one to work out. I met with HR to determine my maternity leave options and it looks like we'll be able to swing 4 months, putting me back to work at the start of the new year. It will be nice to all be home for the holiday months. Oh, and we also registered. Wow, now that I look at this summary I am newly impressed - what's up Efficient Edna?!

When discussing this weekend, an honorable mention also needs to go out to "Friend of the Year nominee" Amy Ware, who came over Sunday afternoon and weeded my entire backyard for me because dude, all that bending over is HARD (and while Jeff can make a mean Swedish pancake, I'm not sure about his ability to distinguish between a weed and an expensive bulb that I planted last year). Amy also brought a homemade loaf of banana bread for us that is almost gone already. Thank you Amy!


Anonymous said...

I am honored just to be nominated! And p.s. my butt is still sore from weed pulling. I should really be thanking you.

Amy Ware (aka Friend of the Year nominee)

cranky rae said...

I really liked this post. Amy is like the nicest person on earth.

Anonymous said...

This post really makes want some crepes with nutella, bananas, walnuts and whip cream. Way to cook Jeff!