Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Note: June 15, 2009

This weekend was full of activity. Katherine flew in from California and we all worked together to put on Darrah’s bridal shower. Darrah is getting married the week of my due date actually, so between the two of us, this summer is filled to the brim with showers and festivities. The theme was a Garden Party and we hosted it in Heidi’s backyard. Darrah and her fiancé recently moved into a house and were in need of gardening supplies so the theme all worked out perfectly for a June shower. I did a bad job of taking photos, so when Katherine sends us her pics, I’ll see if I can supplement with some of hers. She actually documented the adorable buffet table we assembled, the tiny pots of herbs that we planted for centerpieces on the tables, the giant basket of favors – vegetables tied with ribbons for people to take home and cook, the massive glass jugs of fruit infused water and raspberry lemonade at the beverage table next to bottles of peach champagne for blinis, the hilarious games that involved homemade puzzles and learning the dance from All the Single Ladies (long story)… let’s just say that we know how to throw a party. I started off the day with high hopes of taking lots of pictures, but after taking a picture of Amy frosting her cupcakes: One of my giant baguette sandwiches that I chopped into smaller slices:
And one of the backyard from the porch before the guests arrived:

Then I put my camera down and forgot about it until we had a group photo shoot at the end of the party. Here are “The Girls”:

From left to right: Kristin, Katherine, me, Darrah, Amy and Heidi.

Congrats D - we love you very much.

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Anonymous said...

I'm itching to see the tables of the spread - it all sounds so fabulous! What fun ideas. Makes me want to throw a party.