Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You lose some, win some and then lose some again

On Friday I found out we didn't get accepted into the preschool near our house for next Fall. This is particularly irritating because it was going to be SO CONVENIENT. But if I'm totally honest with myself, I talked myself into wanting Edie there next year.

The other moms on the school tour were decked out in one of two things 1. Head-to-toe Burberry (Jeff's least favorite) or 2. Lulu Lemon suits and blond dye jobs (my least favorite). This is also the school that made us partake in Song Circle before embarking on the tour (you may recall that Jeff's reaction to this was less than enthusiastic).

But then I got caught up in the snobby application process in which they required a photo of our kid and made us come for a "visit" (ie INTERVIEW) - which btw, went VERY POORLY and involved Edie acting reluctant, shy and needy which in turn made me panic about our chances of getting in and whisper a bribe in her ear if she would stop being dramatic (cringe).  It was all very regrettable, and I knew driving away that we likely weren't going to get in. By the end of the day, we were both sick with the plague, Edie with a fever of 104.

Within an hour of receiving my electronic rejection notice last week, I heard that my new company had won the bid for a big conference in Chicago this summer. The contract isn't signed yet, but it certainly looks as though I'll be planning a conference for 700ppl this July. More on that after the contract is signed - cross your fingers it's soon!

Then over the weekend, Edie got pink eye. I think? She's never had pink eye before so this is a little new and confusing to me. Her eyes weren't really pink, but they were producing something in the corners that I'd rather not describe in writing because IT IS GROSS. Prescription eye drops were called in, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's viral and not bacterial pink eye. Edie has been sick with an off and on cold for FOREVER. Which isn't uncommon. She always seems to be the first one sick in school and the last to get well. And while sick, her sleep is typically worse than usual, and "the usual" is mediocre to begin with. After a particularly brutal night on Sunday in which I got one, 3 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep total, I decided/declared/despaired, "THIS ISN'T NORMAL!"

I spent Monday working over theories, eventually coming to the conclusion that Edie might have enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils. There are a lot of reasons for this theory - many of which are symptoms that I've dismissed and/or ignored for over a year and it's all very possible that the doctor will laugh me out of the room, but we have an ENT appointment this afternoon. But it would certainly explain the frequency of ear infections, her super loud snoring, the occasional sleep-apnea like incidents when sleeping the car seat (at least these are the ones I witness - they could also be happening in bed at night), and my my potential hereditary gift of giant, toxic tonsils has me suspicious.

So for now, we wait. We wait until our doctor's appointment this afternoon and we wait to hear if we got into the other preschool we applied to (that truthfully, is much more "us" than the other - it was just pricier and a little further away). AND we wait to hear back from this potential new client to confirm that the contract is indeed signed.


Laura said...

i want to hear how her appt went with the ENT?
did all the waiting pan out for the better?

lindsey. said...

Update please! Hope the appointment with the ENT was helpful. Did the contract get signed? Any word from the other preschool? It sounds like a good thing that the closer preschool didn't work out. It honestly sounds like a nightmare.