Thursday, March 21, 2013

California - day 3

These pictures of our Disneyland Day are reminding me of how much I love my kid. When she's not The Worst, she's for sure The Best. She was SUCH a trooper at Disneyland. There were a few rough moments upon entry to the park where Edie wanted to do everything at the same time and I think her brain almost exploded for 2 seconds, but after we moved past that and got in line for Alice in Wonderland - the day just got better and better. 

And my friends? I love these guys too. Because how lucky am I to have these people in my life who happily carry her on their shoulders for longer than I can (Heidi), friends whom I trust to take my child through the most crowded place on earth without losing her while I ride Indiana Jones and Space Mountain (Katherine). Friends who value Edie's experience at Disneyland more than their own - who enjoy seeing her enjoy the park (almost?) as much as I do. It takes a village, and I have THE BEST village. My village can kick your village's ass.  
Kind of.
Waiting outside while Katherine and I buy tickets.

End of Main Street.

Pixie Hollow.

Alice in Wonderland.
I can't remember - maybe in Toon Town? Or waiting for Whinnie the Pooh?

Goofy's house.
Attempted group shot.
Inside the Casey Jr Train Ride with Katherine (Heidi and I were on Space Mountain).
Showing off our blue tongues after sharing a blue raspberry slushy in Toon Town.

Goofy's House.
The required "jail shot" in Toon Town.
Required dumbbell shot.
Edie kept turning around every time I asked for a picture.
I feel like maybe I offered her a gummy Mickey in exchange for this shot.
In line for Peter Pan - last ride of the night, just the two of us.
We went on a crazy number of rides, given how busy we expected the park to be - Alice in Wonderland, Storybook, Haunted Mansion (which Edie liked!), The GoCoaster in Toon Town (which Edie declared the "BEST RIDE EVER!", Whinnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and Katherine took Edie on Casey Junior and Small World while Heidi and I went on Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. The only real misses, were Matterhorn and Pirates. But there's always next time.

Edie napped during the late morning drive to Disneyland, and then chugged along, enjoying herself the entire time, until 8:40pm when we all caved to exhaustion. She nearly dropped off to sleep on the tram ride to the parking garage, finally caving when Heidi carried her to the car from the escalator. She slept the entire drive home and stayed asleep when I carried her to the bed at Katherine's house and tucked her in. I pulled the blanket up and whispered, "I love you" and through her fog of Disneyland exhaustion, she still tried to say "I love you too" back to me.  I really do love this kid.


lindsey. said...

Granted I'm a little more emo today than normal (moving tomorrow, saying goodbye to preschool peeps), this post really got me. Because I am so happy that you had such a great time, because I'm so happy you have such an ass-kicking village, and because I completely get how you feel about your kid. And also because Disneyland is awesome.

sandralbruton said...

The tongues photo is my fav. And I do not recognize the child hanging on the fence at end of Main Street; is it Edie in a costume?! I love your friends too.

katherine said...

Can we go again this weekend please? Also you forgot to write about how on Monday morning Edie asked if we could go back and ride Haunted Mansion again before we went to the airport.