Wednesday, March 20, 2013

California - day 2

The morning of Day 2 was spent at Americana - a fancy new outdoor mall. We enjoyed the sunshine, bought Edie some things she NEEDED (like a pink sequined baseball hat and glitter t-strap sandals - you know, the basics), almost jumped into the fountain, enjoyed a fancy sushi lunch at Katsuya (checking the box on my need for outdoor dining while in LA), and played super hard in the sand playground.

Wikki sticks are so much more entertaining than crayons for kids! All restaurants should catch on to this new trend. This is Edie wearing her Wikki glasses.

Dear Everyone, I'm sorry about my hair. I don't think it really looked like this all day, but maybe? 

The afternoon was a mixed bag in which Edie fell asleep on our way to a birthday party for a friend. She did not wakey so happy. It was a bit of a party fail, so we hopped back in the car where Edie promptly fell back asleep for the long drive to Griffith Park. She woke happy the second time and we did a loop around the Observatory. Such an amazing view, I can't believe this was my first time there after so many trips to LA.

The evening was fun, but not really very photogenic. We stayed in, ordered take-out from Mozza - which turned out to be some of the best pizza of all time, put Edie to bed, and watched trashy tv on E! and GIRLS on HBO while I binged on cake and wine. Carbo-loading is very important before a long day in Disneyland.


lindsey. said...

I just love that you and Edie have made trips to LA your thing. You must keep doing this for all the years to come. You've inspired me to start doing something like this with Marina. Also, I got a great big laugh out of your caption about your hair.

Tib said...

Griffith Observatory is my MOST favorite place in all of LA. So glad you gals got to have such a good time.