Sunday, March 31, 2013


I spent Thursday and Friday in Chicago meeting with our new client and despite the fact that this meant I spent half of my birthday on plane and the other half with a stranger who didn't know it was my birthday, I'm still really pleased about growing our business so it was worth it in the end. I enjoyed exactly 24 hours in Chicago before coming right back home.

This weekend has been a whirlwind. I landed in Seattle at 11pm on Friday and then had a family birthday brunch the following day, a family wedding last night and then a family Easter celebration this morning - all in Bellingham. Jeff and I are home tonight with Edie at my parents' for a sleepover. She'll return tomorrow evening to Jeff's care until I come home on Wednesday night.

Tomorrow, I leave for the East Coast for another work project. Spring is always my busiest season, but it always sneaks up on me. It'll just be 2 nights, but it's been a busy week.

March is nearly over and I failed to mention here the milestone this month holds - Jeff and my dating anniversary! We have officially been together for 19 years my friends. And that, I think is a very long time. I told Jeff this morning that I"m going to rack up as many miles as possible with all this work travel and I think it's very important that next year, when we celebrate 20 years together as a couple (and also our 10 year wedding anniversary that June) we need to do it IN STYLE. I have big dreams of us flying (for free) to somewhere very relaxing and doing nothing for days and days.