Friday, March 22, 2013

Morningtime Adventures

Edie wakes every morning around 7am and yells from her bed, "Is it MORNING TIME YET?"

Jeff and I trade sleep-in days on the weekend so it's my job to answer that question on Saturdays and his job on Sundays. Whereas my Saturday morning wake-ups usually take the form of cream cheese bagels on the couch while watching cartoons, Jeff's Sunday mornings usually entail what Edie and he call their "adventures". He throws jeans and sneakers on before heading to her room and they are out the door. Sometimes they head to Boeing field to watch the planes and helicopters, other times they end up at "the hat and boots" - a park down south with a GIANT cowboy hat and boots to play on. Other locations have been hit up on these Sunday mornings and I like that they are something special she does with her Dad. I wish I was that creative in the morning, but my face doesn't usually like to be seen in public without a shower and quick make-up application. I like to think this is as much a favor to the general public as it is to my vanity. But a few weeks ago, I gave it up and took Edie to Pike Place at the crack of dawn. It was a good time.


katherine said...

love it! ps. you looked before without a shower and/or make up!

sandralbruton said...

Edie's smile in photo 2 is my favorite Edie smile!

lindsey. said...

Love everything about you, your unicorn, and this post. My favorite part, though, has to be the pic of Edie sitting alone at the bar. Ridiculously cute.