Thursday, March 14, 2013

California - take 2

We rescheduled our botched California trip from last month and we leave tomorrow morning for a 4 day weekend. After I finish freaking out about packing for a few more minutes, I will be 110% totally excited. I don't know how or why I always manage to turn packing for a trip into a TOTAL shit show. It's after 9pm and I'm still doing laundry because I must have Edie's white tee shirt clean for the plane right tomorrow? I can't find my sunglasses! And I need to print our boarding passes still. Can I fit Edie's things into my suitcase or does she need her own? Can I fit all of Edie's plane entertainment into my regular purse or do I need to bring a Mom Bag? Ohmygodit'ssoohard.

Edie was so excited she didn't want to go to bed because she "wants to go to California RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow morning."

See you tomorrow Sunshine! And Katherine! And eating outside! And flip flops!


sandralbruton said...

70's and sunshine sound so much better than 40's with rain! Enjoy!

lindsey. said...

Remember, blog post or it didn't happen.

(Yay! Have so much fun!)

Laura said...

Sunshine and perhaps Mickey and Minnie............what could be better than that at this time of the year!?!!!

katherine said...

i miss you guys too. that "four" day wknd sure felt like about 12 hours.

katherine said...
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