Tuesday, March 19, 2013

California - day 1


We are home! Except I didn't mean to use that exclamation point because mostly I am sad to be home. I miss the sunshine, and Katherine, and eating in restaurants for all meals. And I could go on... but instead I will inundate you with photos. Because taking pictures off my phone is still a new thing for me, it's tedious (another reason to miss Katherine - she probably knows an easier way for me to do this).

We left bright and early on Friday morning. I got ready and then woke Edie up by picking her up like a giant baby to carry downstairs. Without even opening her eyes, she asked me, "Are we going to the airplane?"

Buckling herself on the plane. Edie is an awesome flyer.

Katherine picked us up at the airport and we went straight to lunch at Doughboys where the ladies ate salads and Edie had pancakes. She said she wasn't hungry but proceeded to eat enough pancakes to feed half of the starving children in the world.

Waiting for the car at valet outside the restaurant, Edie needed to look inside this giant pot. Inside was an empty can of PBR. Keeping it classy.
Driving around LA, enjoying the sunshine:
 Back at the apartment that afternoon:

 Lounging around on Katherine's roof deck hammock:
I think we mostly spent Friday adjusting to the warm weather and catching up with Katherine. Edie transformed before my eyes - ripping layers of clothing off and running around the roof deck in nothing but a tank top for the first hour there. It's strange to think that there are kids who grow up in the sunshine all the time.

Later that afternoon, we walked to a giant park nearby, but Edie was so excited to play in the sun that I had no time to take a picture for fear of losing her. She darted in and out of the train cars at the park so fast that it took all my mental powers to keep her from disappearing. She did stop to make a quick call on the way though:

For dinner we headed to Malo and while the food was good, it was apparently disappointing compared to previous visits (it was my first time).
Disclaimer: not my photo
I still liked my mojito. A quick stop at Yogurtland on the way home, and a late night chat session after Edie's bedtime, and there you have it - Day 1 in a nutshell.


sandralbruton said...

Lovely lovely!!!! By the way, that foot hanging out the car window looks a lot like yours!

katherine said...

ps. I like to think that everyone who comes via LAX runs down that hallway to see me like Edie did.

lindsey. said...

That pic with Edie's foot out the window? Frame it. It's so good.