Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slippery Slopes

Once in high school I wrote a 5 page essay on the fact that I hate snow. Everything in that essay was pretty much true, if a bit whiny. From the time I was a little kid, I felt real luke warm on snow, sledding, hot chocolate (I know), and especially - snow clothes. I hate being hot and cold at the same time! It's so... confusing. Am I dry in my snow pants or wet from the melting snow creeping in at the ankles? Am I cold because it's snowing or sweaty because I'm running up and down hills to go sledding in 10 layers of clothes that don't breath? And yes, now that I'm a parent I realize how weird and annoying I probably was as a kid.

All this is to say that we spent last weekend in Leavenworth, in an attempt to have a "snow weekend". There are a number of ironic things about this - the main one (obvi) being that I don't really like snow, and yet I jumped at the chance for this weekend. But my life is officially a parenting cliche in which I am reliving my childhood through my own kid - only I'm trying harder to be more open minded in this attempt. So I got Edie all pumped up for snow and packed a plethora of "snow gear".

The second irony is that it didn't snow; the weather was actually nicer in Leavenworth than Seattle. Most importantly though, we had a really great, relaxing weekend in which I ate my weight in enchiladas, lasagna, waffles, and baked goods. We also had the time to reconnect with old friends that we don't see often enough and made new friends that I hope we'll see again soon.

To back up a step - this snow weekend (formally known as the "Slippery Slopes Ski Club") has been an annual tradition for a group of my college friends for a few years now, but this is the first year Edie has been of an appropriate age to make the weekend more fun instead of less fun, so we were invited along for the 2013 edition of Slippery Slopes. We were a little hesitant about bringing the only kid for a weekend of adult antics, but all for naught. The only real downside to the weekend (aside from the lack of snow) was that 2 of the people I was excited to catch up with couldn't make it at the last minute.

Edie turned on the charm and had everyone clapping for her when she entered a room by the last day. It's ridiculously heartwarming to have adults without children play with, help out, and chat with your kid in such a natural way - it reminds me of how lucky we are - with Edie but also to have the kinds of friends we have.

The drive:
Sleepy time unicorn driving through the pass.
A walk in the surrounding hills.
 The farmhouse:

  A small pile of unmelted snow/ice near the farmhouse.
Tractor driving face:
 Returning from our walk:

This is the photo we will use for Jeff's memoir, "Handsome, Brave and Modest: An Autobiography by Jeff Culver" (self titled)

 Our second hike wherein we disregarded the directions to "KEEP OUT".  Melissa being a rebel (Dan was uneasy).

 Various hiking/walking photos from both days:

 Lest you wonder where my husband was during all these shots of other men carrying my kid around - he woke up early with Edie and took her on a big adventure so I could sleep late, which then resulted in a late morning nap for Jeff while I hiked with the others.

Wherein Jeff wrecks what could have been a charming photo:
Jeff making up for it by looking charming with Edie:

Amanda and Ryan:

 Matt, who had never met Edie before this weekend, playing peekaboo with her through the window. She had a great time with him and after a day and a half mentioned to Jeff that, "Matt looks ... different." Jeff finally realized that Edie had been thinking that this Matt was Darrah's husband Matt and that he had gone through some sort of metamorphosis... Jeff explained that this was a DIFFERENT Matt, which I think resolved some confusion we hadn't realized was there.
Melissa making Dan's birthday cake. And Edie licking the frosting beater (officially winning Melissa a place in her heart).

 Enchilada dinner complete with homemade guacamole and coleslaw.
 Games after Edie was in bed:
 Panoramic from my phone:

Dan looking a little uncomfortable after a particularly "food filled" day:
But he still found room for birthday cake:

 Legos were found in the upstairs game room and brought downstairs. Note the lack of children in this photo. Adult men love Legos.


lindsey. said...

I love Leavenworth! So happy you all were able to get away for such a happy weekend. Still laughing over the cover pic for Jeff's memoir. I am dying to read it.

Darrah said...

Looks so beautiful. And I love that Edie's outfit of choice for the weekend was the unicorn hoodie. Too funny about the "other" Matt.