Sunday, September 30, 2012

Edie's Birthday Party

We hosted Edie's birthday party at my parents' house in Bellingham. I had spent part of Labor Day weekend with my girlfriends in Birch Bay and Jeff took Edie to Orcas with his parents, so it made sense for us all to convene in Bellingham on Labor Day itself for the party.  We were all up north anyways... It was a super casual affair and included only family, which was just what we wanted.  I made chocolate cake and repurposed the mini pendant banner from her birthday cake last year.

Snarfing down a hot dog upon arrival:
Grandma Fifi reading you one of your new books:
On the deck for grilled chicken, hot dogs and salads:

Your new "computer":

Drama Queen:

Your amazing and awesome unicorn suit.  Custom made by Aunt Kathleen using a pink sweat suit as the base.

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sandralbruton said...

Still think that is the cutest unicorn costume ever; and did you notice how your daughter is holding her fingers together?! Cute little hands!