Monday, October 1, 2012

Edie's Birth Day

Edie turned 3 on August 30th.  Normally this would have been a daycare day for her, but I switched things around to be home with her that day. She had her "daycare party" on the 29th and shared it with her buddy Alison, who's birthday had been 9 days earlier.  Her Mom brought Minnie Mouse plates and napkins (thankfully our daughters share a passion for Minnie - it must be the age?) and I made cupcakes. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty proud of these Minnie cupcakes.  And I didn't even copy from Pinterest! I just used regular and mini Oreos paired with pink sugar bows from a weird home cake decorating shop near my house. I also made the cake (vanilla bean buttermilk cake) from scratch and then accidentally made some super disgusting strawberry frosting late at night that then caused a pajama run to the grocery store to buy store bought pink frosting with artificial strawberry flavor. Why I thought a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds would care is beyond me.

Here's the one photo they took of you at Daycare, wearing your birthday crown:
That night we had 2 of these cupcakes leftover (and 4 non-Oreo'd ones) so invited Penny and her parents over.

The next day was her actual birthday and she requested a trip to the Zoo, which we haven't done together all summer. They gave her a button to wear that announced her birthday.  Here she is wearing it and holding her trusty map.  Oh, and I should explain that Edie bonked her head while running too fast and tripping so rocked a bandaid for two weeks and now rocks a red scar that will (I hope) slowly heal.

The zoo employee that sold us our tickets, snuck Edie in for free because it was her birthday (you usually have to start paying at 3yrs old).  He also gave us 2 wood tokens for free to ride the carousel, which we'd never done before.

Right when the carousel started moving, she freaked out and insisted she was going to get dizzy, so we moved to the little bench seat on the carousel.  She didn't get dizzy.

Then comes one of those moments when your kid begs for something stupid and you usually deny or distract them.  Except it was her birthday so I bought her this weird flamingo head on a stick.  And dude, that kid LOVED that thing.  She played with nothing but this weird $4 flamingo for 2 days until it broke in half. Here it is kissing the picture of the lizard on the wall.

And eating grass.

Later that day I heard Edie say from the other room, "Mom I look pretty in your lipstick." I came running and found this:

That night the three of us headed to Flying Squirrel Pizza up the street where we had pizza with olives (her fav) and they treated her to Theo chocolate ice cream and 2 giant cookies.  She loved it.

I'll have to dig up the video of her opening her present from us that night and tell that story another day. 


Laura said...

You do look gorgeous in your mom's lipstick!!!
xo Aunt Laura
p.s. next time try it with your mom's eye make up too!

sandralbruton said...

If I didn't feel such guilt over the forehead owie, I would have enjoyed the zoo photos so much more...great happy photos.